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NDT Group

Non-Destructive Testing Services

NDT Group Inc. (NGI) is a leading provider of Nondestructive Testing, Auditing, and Inspection services to industries in Canada and worldwide. With a comprehensive range of both traditional and cutting-edge NDT Technologies, we set ourselves apart as a premier solution provider, committed to delivering excellence.

We offer a comprehensive range of conventional and advanced NDT services, carried out by certified inspectors adhering to international standards. At NGI, we recognize that the foundation of any outstanding service lies in meticulous and effective inspection procedures, cutting-edge equipment, and, most importantly, our team of highly skilled professionals.

The significance of NDT services extends directly to the well-being and safety of society. Ensuring the quality assurance and integrity of vital equipment and facilities plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the environment, public health, and even human lives. The consequences of failure modes can have adverse social, financial, and environmental implications.

Our Services

Conventional NDT

NDT Group provides valuable insights into the quality, integrity, and performance of materials and structures without causing any permanent damage.

Advanced NDT

Gain more reliable inspections, reduced downtime, improved quality control, and enhanced safety assurance. Our advanced techniques utilize sophisticated technologies to detect and analyze defects, or irregularities in materials and structures without causing any damage.

Engineering Services

We provide valuable support in inspection planning, equipment selection, data analysis, and procedure development, contributing to the overall integrity, safety, and performance of materials and structures.


Non Destructive Testing & Inspection Services