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The mining sector stands as a linchpin in the supply chain, providing the fundamental materials that underpin countless products we utilize and manufacture. Its influence extends beyond raw materials, encompassing components that are indispensable to the safety and dependability of mining operations, including Mines, Mills, Smelters, and Quarries.

To safeguard against safety and environmental risks, it is imperative to conduct regular inspections of critical assets. These assets encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from Hoists, Conveyances, Crushers, and Furnaces to Ball/Rod Mills, Process Piping, Tanks, and Pressure Vessels. Routine inspections serve as a proactive approach to mitigate potential hazards and ensure the integrity of operations.

We are a specialized service provider that offers non-destructive testing services to the mining industry by employing a range of testing methods, ensuring safety, providing detailed reporting, and supporting maintenance and safety efforts. These services are essential for preventing accidents, minimizing downtime, and extending the lifespan of mining equipment and infrastructure.

NDT GROUP employ some of the most experienced NDT Technicians in the Mining Industry with an intimate knowledge of the Pressure Equipment, Damage/Wear Mechanisms and Processes.

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Extensive Range of Inspection Services

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NDT Group typically starts by assessing the specific needs and requirements of the mining industry client. This involves understanding the types of equipment, structures, or components to be tested and the critical areas that require inspection.

Depending on the materials, components, and objectives, NDT Group will recommend and select the most appropriate NDT methods. Common techniques in the mining industry include ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic testing (RT), magnetic particle testing (MT), dye penetrant testing (PT), and visual inspection (VI).

NDT Group employs certified and experienced NDT technicians who are well-versed in the selected testing methods. They ensure that the equipment used for testing is calibrated and maintained to industry standards.

Safety is paramount in the mining industry. NDT Group follows strict safety protocols to protect its personnel and the mining environment during testing. This includes radiation safety for radiographic testing and compliance with mining safety regulations.

NDT technicians perform the tests on-site or in designated testing facilities. For example, ultrasonic testing can be used to detect flaws in welds or the thickness of materials, while radiographic testing is suitable for inspecting the internal structure of components.

During testing, data is collected and recorded. This data is then analyzed to identify any defects, discontinuities, or anomalies that could compromise the integrity of mining equipment or structures.

NDT Group provides detailed reports and documentation of the testing results. These reports include information about the testing methods used, the location and nature of defects (if any), and recommendations for repairs or further actions.

Based on the findings, NDT Group may offer recommendations for maintenance, repair, or replacement of components. This information helps mining companies make informed decisions to ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations.

NDT Group adheres to quality assurance standards and ensures that the testing processes are repeatable, reliable, and accurate. This is critical in maintaining the integrity of mining equipment and structures.

NDT Group may provide ongoing support to mining companies by conducting regular inspections and retesting as needed to monitor the condition of critical components and equipment over time.