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NDT Group specializes in ensuring the safety, integrity, and reliability of equipment and infrastructure within the Oil and Gas industry. We use nondestructive methods to inspect and evaluate materials and components without causing damage to them. These tests are essential for preventing accidents, ensuring compliance with industry standards, and minimizing downtime in the Oil and Gas sector.


service delivery process

NDT Group starts by assessing the specific needs and requirements of the client in the Oil and Gas sector. This involves understanding the types of equipment, materials, and structures that need inspection.

Depending on the materials and components involved, NDT Group selects appropriate NDT methods. Common NDT techniques include ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and visual inspection.

NDT Group ensures that you have qualified and certified personnel who are experienced in conducting NDT inspections. We also invest in state-of-the-art equipment and tools required for the selected NDT methods.

Safety is a top priority in the Oil and Gas industry. NDT Group adheres to strict safety protocols to protect their personnel, the environment, and the facilities being tested.

NDT technicians from NDT Group visit the client’s Oil and Gas facilities to conduct on-site inspections. This may include inspecting pipelines, pressure vessels, tanks, drilling equipment, and other critical components.

During the inspection, NDT technicians collect data using the chosen NDT techniques. This data includes information about the condition and integrity of the components being tested.

NDT Group generates comprehensive reports detailing the results of the inspections. These reports include findings, recommendations for maintenance or repairs, and documentation of compliance with industry standards and regulations.

If any defects or issues are identified during the inspection, NDT Group may provide recommendations for maintenance or repairs. These actions help prevent catastrophic failures and ensure the continued safe operation of equipment.

NDT Group may offer consultation services to help clients implement best practices for NDT inspections. They may also provide training to client personnel on NDT techniques and safety procedures.

NDT Group ensures that all inspections and reports are in compliance with industry standards, codes, and regulations. This is essential for maintaining the legal and operational integrity of the Oil and Gas facilities.

In some cases, NDT Group may offer continuous monitoring solutions, such as remote sensing and real-time data analysis, to detect potential issues before they become critical.