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The petrochemical industry plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing and industrial sectors across North America. Within this sector, various factors such as process feedstock, by-products, stressors, and environmental conditions can lead to the deterioration of essential components like piping, tanks, and vessels. To ensure the continued efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of operations, the implementation of a robust inspection program is of paramount importance.

In addition to regular maintenance activities, preventive measures are taken during routine shutdowns to conduct thorough assessments. This proactive approach not only helps in maintaining operational efficiency but also serves as a critical strategy for mitigating safety and environmental risks. Key assets within the petrochemical facilities, including boilers, towers, absorbers, reactors, process piping, tanks, and pressure vessels, undergo routine inspections to identify and address potential issues.

At NDT Group, we take pride in our team of highly experienced NDT technicians who specialize in serving the petrochemical industry. Their extensive knowledge of pressure equipment, damage mechanisms, and industrial processes equips them with the expertise needed to ensure the integrity and reliability of critical assets. Our commitment to excellence in non-destructive testing is instrumental in supporting the petrochemical industry’s pursuit of operational excellence and safety.

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service delivery process

NDT Group begins by collaborating with the petrochemical industry clients to understand their specific requirements and objectives. This involves identifying the assets and equipment to be inspected, as well as any regulatory or compliance standards that must be met.

Based on the asset type, material, and the specific inspection goals, NDT Group chooses the appropriate NDT techniques to be used. Common NDT methods employed in the petrochemical industry include ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic testing (RT), magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), visual testing (VT) and eddy current testing (ET), among others.

NDT Group creates a detailed inspection plan that outlines the schedule, methodology, and safety precautions for conducting the tests. This plan also considers factors such as accessibility to the equipment, environmental conditions, and any potential impact on ongoing operations.

Highly trained and certified NDT technicians perform the inspections according to the established plan. They operate the chosen NDT equipment, collect data, and interpret the results in real-time.

After collecting inspection data, NDT Group experts analyze the results to identify any anomalies, defects, or issues with the inspected assets. A comprehensive report is then generated, detailing the findings, their severity, and any recommended actions for maintenance or repair.

Based on the inspection results, NDT Group can assist the petrochemical industry clients in developing maintenance and integrity management strategies. This may involve scheduling repairs, implementing corrosion prevention measures, and establishing future inspection intervals.

NDT Group helps clients ensure that their assets and facilities comply with industry standards and regulations. We can provide documentation and certification to demonstrate compliance to relevant authorities.

NDT Group may offer ongoing monitoring services, using techniques like corrosion monitoring or advanced NDT methods, to track the condition of assets over time and detect any deterioration or changes.