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Laboratory Services

NDT Group provides a wide range of laboratory services across various areas, including chemical analysis, materials analysis, environmental analysis, and product testing.

We offer both field and in-house optical emission spectrometry to verify the quality and composition of alloys in service. We provide chemical analysis to determine the composition, purity, and other properties of the materials, this can include both qualitative and quantitative analysis using techniques such as chromatography, spectroscopy, etc.

We also provide Positive Materials Identification (PMI) to ensure the materials being used.

In addition, we conduct micro and macro hardness tests in compliance with relevant industry standards such as NACE, ASME, CSA, or client specific procedures.

We also perform environmental sample testing on collected samples on the inspection sites.

Additionally, we offer replication services as well as failure analysis to provide a deep understanding of issues or failures.

The Laboratory services we provide can be an independent service or as part as another Engineering service.

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