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Power Generation plays a pivotal role in our critical civil infrastructure and daily life. Ensuring the reliability and safeguarding of these power plants is of paramount importance. To mitigate safety and environmental risks effectively, regular inspections of assets such as boilers, piping, tanks, and pressure vessels are essential.

NDT Group offers a comprehensive arrange of non-destructive testing services, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of power generation facilities, reducing the likelihood of accidents and unplanned downtime while extending the lifespan of critical equipment.

NDT Group boasts a team of highly skilled technicians with extensive experience in a wide range of power generation sectors, including wind power, nuclear, fossil, cogeneration, and hydro-electric plants. From wind turbines to the periodic inspection of piping welds in nuclear facilities, our expertise and proficiency can serve as a valuable asset to optimize your operation’s performance.

Extensive Range of Inspection Services

encompasses but is not limited to


service delivery process

NDT Group begins by assessing the specific needs of the power generation facility. We work closely with the facility’s engineering and maintenance teams to understand the equipment, infrastructure, and operational requirements.

Depending on the type of equipment and materials used in power generation (e.g., turbines, boilers, pipelines, welds, pressure vessels), NDT Group selects the most appropriate NDT techniques. Common NDT methods include ultrasonic testing (UT), radiographic testing (RT), magnetic particle testing (MT), liquid penetrant testing (PT), and eddy current testing (ET), among others.

NDT Group employs trained and certified technicians who are proficient in various NDT methods. We ensure that the personnel have the necessary qualifications and equipment required for the specific NDT tasks.

The NDT technicians perform inspections and tests on the power generation equipment and infrastructure without causing any damage

NDT Group analyzes the data collected during the inspections to identify any defects or irregularities. We use specialized software and tools to interpret the results and generate reports.

The findings are documented in comprehensive reports. These reports include information about the location and size of any defects, as well as recommendations for further action, such as repairs or maintenance.

NDT Group provides recommendations to the power generation facility based on our findings. These recommendations may include repair procedures, maintenance schedules, and guidelines for equipment replacement or refurbishment.

NDT Group may schedule regular follow-up inspections to monitor the condition of critical components and ensure that any recommended actions are taken.

NDT Group helps power generation facilities comply with industry regulations and safety standards by ensuring that equipment is inspected and maintained to the required standards.

In case of unexpected issues or failures, NDT Group can provide emergency NDT services to quickly assess and address the situation, minimizing downtime and potential risks.